Textbook Rental FAQ

1What are my payment options?

All credit card transactions are processed through authorize.net

2What will the textbooks condition be?

The textbook will be US edition and will be in “Good” condition – meaning it may have some marks and highlights in it.

3Are Supplemental Materials included in my rental?

Supplemental Materials, including access codes, CDs, etc. are not guaranteed to be included with your rental. Some products will specifically say they are included in a Bundle which will include the access code(s).

4Does Stanza Textbooks ship to PO boxes?

Yes, we will ship to PO boxes.

5When will my textbook rental be shipped out?

Your textbook rental will be shipped out within two (2) business days of the time it was ordered.

6How do I track my rental shipment?

After we have shipped your textbooks, you will receive an email containing a tracking number. You may also check your shipment by logging into the website and reviewing your order.

7When does my rental begin?

Your textbook rental begins on the date the order is placed.

8Am I allowed to highlight/write/take notes in my rental textbook?

You are allowed to highlight, write, and take notes in your rental textbook within reason. The book must be returned in good, saleable condition. This means there must not be excessive highlighting or notes when the book is returned.

9Can I receive an extension on my textbook rental?

Yes, see Can I re-rent the same textbook? for more information on this.

10How do I contact Stanza Textbooks if I have questions?

Please check our Customer Service page to see ways you can reach out to us for support.

11Am I able to buy my rented textbook?

Yes, if you would like to buy your rented textbook at the end of the rental period, please contact us and let us know this is what you would like to do. You will have to pay the specified Buy-Out Price. Please see What is the Buy-Out Price? for more information.

12Can I re-rent the same textbook?

Yes, if you need to re-rent the same textbook for the following semester, you are able to do so. To do this, you will need to go to the product page of the book you have rented and select either the 30-Day Extension (Existing Rentals Only) or the 120-Day Extension (Existing Rentals Only) option depending on your need. You will be billed for the listed price and your textbook rental will be extended.

13How do I return my rental when my rental period is ending?

At the time your rental is due, we will send you a prepaid shipping label. You can send the textbook back in the container you received the book in.

Please log in to your account to print a prepaid label to return your rental.

14How long do I have to return my textbook?

Your rental return should be shipped within five (5) business days after the last date of your rental.

15I am unsatisfied with my rental. Can I return my rental for a refund?

If you purchased the wrong book or are unsatisfied with the book you received for any reason, you will have up to fourteen (14) days to return the book from the order date to receive a full refund.

16What happens if I fail to return my textbook rental?

If you fail to return your textbook rental, you will be charged the specified Buy-Out Price. Please see What is the Buy-Out Price?for more information.

17What happens if I damage or lose my textbook rental?

If you damage or lose your textbook rental, you will be charged the specified Buy-Out Price. Please see What is the Buy-Out Price? for more information.

18What is the Buy-Out Price?

The Buy-Out Price is what you pay when your textbook is not returned at the end of your rental period or is returned damaged. Each textbook product page has a Buy-Out Price listed and is the full cost of the textbook. What was paid to rent the textbook will not be taken out of the Buy-Out Price.